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Rosarian gets control of powdery mildew and black spot ...

“Now that I have used GreenCure for an entire season, I have to tell you I like this product just as much as I thought that I would. I found that using it at the preventative rate allowed me to go an entire season without any Powdery Mildew and Black Spot problems! I also used GreenCure on my mother’s roses that I help her tend to. I did not get over to her place as early in the season as I hoped to for the first spraying. Powdery Mildew had set in on several of her roses. While that was unfortunate, it gave me a great opportunity to really put GreenCure to the test. Using GreenCure at the cure rate took care of the situation in short order. The first spraying had a very visible impact upon the PM and I followed that first spraying at the Cure Rate up with another for good control measure. From then on I used the preventative rate and kept things under control.

In my years to tending to the roses I had some problems with using other fungicides when I needed them during the hotter times of the season. I found that I could go ahead and use GreenCure during those hotter months without any noticeable impact on the roses foliage. The other products I have used in years past have caused some noticeable problems with the foliage and appeared to cause more leaf drop. The applications are always made during the cool hours of the morning and never during the heat of the day.

I liked GreenCure from what I read before I started using it and still like it after my first season of exclusive use. It is a great earth friendly product that does what it needs to do for us Rosarians and Gardeners.

Along with having a passion for rose growing and roses, I also love to garden with other plants. Every year since we moved into our home here in town we have had a veggie garden and also a pumpkin hill. Until I found GreenCure we always had problems with powdery mildew setting in on the big leaves of our pumpkin and cucumber vines. The PM would cause the plants to lose vigor and die prematurely leaving us with a very small crop. I remember having one pumpkin three years in a row of trying and at the most three in other years. The leaves and vines would start out fine and then seemingly overnight be attacked by the PM. I did not want to spray any of the typical chemicals on our food type crops but did try some products on the pumpkins due to frustration one year. The improvement from one to three pumpkins just did not seem like enough, plus the products really did not totally work. Well this year I decided to try GreenCure on our pumpkin vines leaves and the cucumbers as well. I can happily report to you that GreenCure wiped out the onset of the PM, kept it away, and we had a whopping twelve pumpkins from our two vines on our limited space pumpkin hill. We had pumpkins for all the kids and grandkids for Halloween and even other uses!

We also had the best crop of cucumbers we have ever had here and kept getting cucumbers right up to first killing frost.

So no matter if you are a Rosarian (serious Rose Lover) or all around Gardener, I can honestly say that GreenCure works and works well.”

Stan V. Griep
First Vice-President & Webmaster: Loveland Rose Society
American Rose Society: Member
ARS Certified Consulting Rosarian
Colorado Native Rosarian
Loveland, CO

Another Master Gardener gives "thumbs up" to GreenCure®...

"We met at the Garden Writers Association meeting last fall and I have had a chance to use GreenCure.  It has worked fabulously and as a result, I have been writing and telling as many people about GreenCure as will listen.

I’m looking forward to featuring GreenCure in my “Low Toxic Approaches” booth at this year’s Fairfield County Master Gardeners Garden Fair. I think it will be a hit with the gardeners because it is an organic solution that really works!

Thanks for such an effective, yet environmentally friendly product."

Lorraine B. (Advanced Master Gardener)
Brookfield, CT

Trust GreenCure® on your fruits and vegetables...

"For the last couple years I've had uncontrollable powdery mildew problems on my grapes. While I have used some control products, I didn't feel comfortable spraying chemicals anytime near harvest. With GreenCure, I was able to spray preventatively and throughout the season and have had my best harvest in years. I am so happy to have a safe, organic way of keeping my grapes free of powdery mildew.

I also found that GreenCure has worked very well in preventing apple scab. Thanks for such a great product."

Cynthia, J.
Salem, OR

GreenCure® stamps out powdery mildew on Phlox...

"I attended your (Joe Lamp’l of joe gardener company) presentation a couple months ago at the Ag Center in Forsyth County.  That evening, you gave away a jar of GreenCure. Although, I didn't win the contest, the product sounded terrific.  I went ahead and purchased a jar for myself and I've been using it both at the Ag Center in my Wildlife Garden and in my home garden.  I "hit" the Phlox in my home garden before they usually get powdery mildew and am delighted to report that this is the first year EVER that I have not had one single plant that became covered in the white stuff.  I realize now that I sprayed the Monarda about a month too late because I do have mildew on the bottom leaves, but from the time of the first spraying, there has been no more pm.  The new growth is a beautiful emerald green - very healthy and disease-free.  Up at the Ag center, I missed preventatively spraying the Phlox by a couple of weeks, so powdery mildew had already set in. I used GreenCure and got rid of the pm and you can definitely see the "before and after" evidence right there.  This product is truly amazing and I would highly recommend it."

Harriet M. (Master Gardener)
Winston-Salem, NC

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