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Beautiful photos start with healthy roses.
Safely stop powdery mildew with GreenCure.

ARS Member, Stan Griep, shares some ideas about growing and photographing roses.

Q: How do you get bright blossom shots on a black background?

A: There are many methods, but my shots are taken on the bush, so I use a slitted black cloth to work around the subject.

Q: Do you use reflectors or extra lights?

A: I don't. I like fully natural lighting, so itís a matter of being patient. Thatís part of the enjoyment of working with the plant - you get to sort of see the picture develop before you even take the shot.

Q: What else do you do to bring out the natural beauty?

A: Part of being able to capture a beautiful bloom is having some nice clean and healthy foliage to include in the photo of the bloom. GreenCure helps keep the fungal pests away, leaving my rosebushes and other foliage clean and healthy. GreenCure has been a part of my gardening pest control program for several years now. While roses are my first love in the gardens, my wife and I also have veggie and flower gardens as well as a dandy raspberry patch. GreenCure has knocked out my powdery mildew problems on my roses and on the roses of other gardens I help tend to. It has also gotten rid of the powdery mildew that used to attack our pumpkin and cucumber vines and leaves. We now enjoy bountiful harvests of pumpkins and cucumbers every year.

GreenCure Controls Powdery Mildew On Roses

“Now that I have used GreenCure for an entire season, I have to tell you I like this product just as much as I thought that I would. I found that using it at the preventative rate allowed me to go an entire season without any Powdery Mildew and Black Spot problems! I also used GreenCure on my mother’s roses that I help her tend to. I did not get over to her place as early in the season as I hoped to for the first spraying. Powdery Mildew had set in on several of her roses. While that was unfortunate, it gave me a great opportunity to really put GreenCure to the test. Using GreenCure at the cure rate took care of the situation in short order. The first spraying had a very visible impact upon the PM and I followed that first spraying at the Cure Rate up with another for good control measure. From then on I used the preventative rate and kept things under control.

Stan V. Griep
First Vice-President & Webmaster: Loveland Rose Society
American Rose Society: Member
ARS Certified Consulting Rosarian
Colorado Native Rosarian
Loveland, CO

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