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GreenCure Fungicide Reviews and Endorsements

GreenCure® Tested and Endorsed by the American Rose Society
During the summer of 2009, GreenCure was tested by ARS members throughout the country and has received the official "Tested and Endorsed" designation by the American Rose Society. GreenCure is highly effective against powdery mildew and a preventative against blackspot and other fungal diseases.


NHGC Seal of Approval GreenCure® has received the "Member Tested Seal of Approval" by the National Home Gardening Club. Over 350 members from across the country tested GreenCure and gave a 90% approval rating! Below are some of the National Home Gardening Club member comments about GreenCure®.

“I used GreenCure® as a preventative on my squash, pumpkins and cucumbers. I was amazed that I didn’t have any powdery mildew problems. Friends couldn’t believe my pumpkin patch when they came to pick pumpkins.”

South Shore, SD

“We started using GreenCure® at the beginning of the season in two week intervals and the results were just short of amazing. Leaf rust gone, scale gone, powdery mildew non-existent! Terrific product.”

Citrus Heights, CA


BEST OF THE MUST-HAVES 2007February 3, 2007: GreenCure® has been named as one of THE BEST OF THE MUST-HAVES for 2007 by the joe gardener Company. Each year, The joe gardener Company spends countless hours scouring the country looking for The Coolest Garden Gear and Gadgets for the New Year to reveal at the largest national garden and flower shows. Those that are selected are awarded the distinction as THE BEST OF THE MUST-HAVES. These products aren’t just “good enough”. They’re the best, most unique, highest quality gardening products we feel gardeners should own.

The joe gardener Company
Product Review: GreenCure® Fungicide

As pro-active gardeners, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For years, organic gardeners have fought to prevent the onslaught of powdery mildew and other plant diseases with organic alternative methods. In most cases, previous methods could only prevent the spread, not actually cure the disease.

Enter GreenCure! Not only is it effective at treating 25 plant diseases, it even has the unique ability to kill powdery mildew fungus. In over 200 university studies and now, joe gardener® field trials, we’ve seen GreenCure at work, effectively treating and curing plant diseases.

At one point during our trials, I thought the product wasn’t performing up to my expectations. I was expecting instant results! Dr. Ken Horst, a plant pathologist and developer of the product, explained that GreenCure was working but that a total cure of the powdery mildew I still saw would take a bit longer to become apparent. He was right. It did work, and unlike anything I’ve tried before. I was fortunate to be able to meet and talk with Dr. Ken Horst and understand first-hand its benefits. It is a potassium bicarbonate-based fungicide (commonly used in food production) and is far more environmentally friendly than harsh chemical alternatives. It’s approved for use in Certified Organic Food Production.

GreenCure has also proven effective against rose black spot, anthracnose, downy mildew and many other plant diseases. An innovative product this safe and effective always gets our attention. It’s what we look for when deciding what makes our elite list. GreenCure delivers with flying colors, which is why we named them a BEST OF THE MUST-HAVES for 2007.

The joe gardener Company • P.O. Box 681972 • Marietta, GA 30068 • 770.973.7728

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